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Seven new things to do to change up your lifestyle

By: Gemma Mastroianni

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I've been feeling an itch for change after mercury retrograde (if that is even real?)

When you change up your lifestyle, it brings new challenges and excitement. Over the last couple of weeks I've been feeling the need to shake up my schedule a bit and incorporate some new practices.

Personally, I've decided to commit myself to start cooking a new recipe every week, and also learn how to DJ. I've been enjoying the adventure this has brought to me which inspired me to make a list of things you too can try to bring some refresh your life.

Check out seven new things you can do to change up your lifestyle below:

Try a new workout

Try a new form of physical activity you have never done before but perhaps have always been curious about! Some ideas include yoga, basketball, HIIT, spin, Tai Chi, etc. If you don't want to try these things out at a gym or fitness facility, head to Youtube and look it up - there will be videos you can follow!

If you're local to the GTA, check out Sweat and Tonic. This is my favourite gym that I've checked out so far in the city! The classes are both challenging and fun, and their facilities are sleek, modern, and bright. I highly recommend all of their classes but my favourite is definitely spin. The studio looks like a club- a music lovers dream.

Learn how to play an instrument

If you're reading this blog, you're likely a music fan or musician. Try out a new instrument! Head to your local music store and take out a rental, then follow Youtube tutorials.

I was recently gifted a Pioneer DDJ-SB3 for my birthday as I've been wanting to learn how to DJ for about a year or so. It's been the perfect fit for me as a music lover and I've really enjoyed learning the process thus far. If you are also interested in learning, this is a great turntable to start out with.

Meditate every morning and/or night

Meditation can change the entire course of how your day is going to go, or your perception on how it went. It's a wonderful way to reset your mind, body, and spirit and something that I try to do as frequently as I can.

If everyone meditated, I truly think the world would be a better place! Check out some meditations tips here.

Thrift an outfit outside of your comfort zone

We all love retail therapy but with that said, there is something so thrilling about trying clothes outside of your comfort zone. Head to your local thrift store with a budget and try to thrift a new outfit that you wouldn't typically wear.

Read a book

I'd say this one is pretty self explanatory- we all know reading is good for us, but not enough of us do it.

Find a book that you've always wanted to read, or perhaps one of a different topic you wouldn't typically grab off of the shelf. Make a commitment to yourself to read for a bit every day and enjoy the new adventure.

Brew kombucha

Kombucha has a ton of benefits including antioxidants, settling the stomach, probiotics, and so much more.

If you've never tried Kombucha my favourite brands are RISE, and Remedy Kombucha. Both have a great variety of flavours so start there and check them out, then if you love how it makes you feel you can brew your own.

If you've been like me and drinking bottled for years, it's probably time that we brew our own for once. Check out tutorials like these.

Go to bed earlier

Throughout this year I've been making it more of a habit to go to bed and wake up earlier. I love sleeping in but I have to say, wow- there is such a difference when changing this up.

Getting up and ending the day earlier can really shift your schedule around and also allow you to have more time to yourself, and other tasks. Try moving your schedule around to allow this if you can!


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