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Saint Idiot drops "Warp & Weft"

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Saint Idiot is a Slovak-Canadian musician currently based in Edmonton, Canada.

If you like Flume, Björk, or Perfume Genius, then you'll love "Warp & Weft." The vibey track is a brand new single off of his upcoming art-pop album. I was intrigued not only by the textured synths in the song but the impressive visual component. Turns out that Saint Idiot is a well-rounded artist as he not only makes music but is a sound designer and multimedia artist! It's always so interesting to see what artists who are multi-faceted can come up with.

Saint Idiot makes music inspired by futuristic ideas and the multi-sensory worlds of Björk, Bowie, as well as deep listening, ambient music, greenscreens, and flora.

"Warp and Weft" was very much inspired by the idea of a 'really sexy love song' but targeted at a friendship,

"Warp & Weft is about recognizing that we need a whole ecosystem of friends, and we need to nurture those friendships as fully and devotedly as we nurture our romantic relationships. It’s about taking your intimate and emotional needs and distributing them openly and with care among a network of close friends." - Saint idiot

I was personally fascinated by the lyrical themes of this song and how deeply it dives into the concept of friendship and how it affects our aura. It is also refreshing to hear such a raw song about friendship when so many songs are about romantic relationships. The lyricism came to be from conversations he had with a variety of his close friends. They have also gone through many iterations in the same way that his understanding of friendship has gone through many iterations while writing this album,

"If your friend is sick and hurting, you are, to an extent, sick and hurting also. Warp & Weft is about practicing this presence. Be balm for your friend." - Saint Idiot

He composed, wrote, and produced this track out of an attic bedroom studio, featuring Alex Tanayschuk on the saxophone. It was mixed by Hill Kourkoutis, and mastered by Kristian Montano of Montano Mastering. The speaking component at the end of the track was done by his good friend Laura La France, in the context of a locally in-progress documentary film exploring masculinity, which is also a major theme of the upcoming album, Alternate Utopias from a Nostalgic Future, out September 8th 2021. More samples from that documentary will be featured in the upcoming album.

If you like Flume or Four Tet, you will LOVE this video. Check it out below:

Set your reminders for his album release in September, and be sure to give him a follow.

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