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Rynheart | Review

By: Samantha D'Alessandro

Recently I came across a Toronto based band called Rynheart on Instagram. The first thing that really stands out on their page is their “blast from the past” aesthetic which includes a retro 70’s rock & roll vibe in the form of band photos, videos, and posters for their most recent events. I decided to click the link in their bio and check out their Youtube channel and there I found three singles.

Their most recent single is called Athena and it was released about a year ago. First off, let me say that I love the artwork this band has incorporated into their brand. It’s very colourful and psychedelic and hardcore all at the same time making it super interesting and unique. Along with the wicked artwork, their videos are all so vibey and retro bringing you straight back to that classic 70’s rock and roll lifestyle. They mix rock and roll with groovy psychedelic visuals and you can’t take your eyes or ears off of it.

Aside from the obviously rad visuals, their music actually rocks! Athena starts off strong with instantly catchy guitar riffs and a wicked beat that's easy to get right into. I’m also really into the lyrics of these songs. Although it’s a tune with a very common theme of romance gone wrong and manipulation, I find the lyrics very relatable and catchy to follow along with. This is always a good thing because if I can memorize the lyrics and relate to the song, you know I’ll be singing my heart out in front of everyone I know.

The tasty guitar licks that are present through all three singles are what really keep me hooked into these tunes. Burn My Flame is probably my favourite of the three. I say this because the music and vocals compliment each other and flow so well, it’s impossible to not want to jam along with it. It also has these solos that remind me of Alice Cooper’s School’s Out.

Fabulous Nobodies is the last song that I listened to and of course this one was another absolute banger. This one gave me major Struts vibes from the song, right down to the music video, and clothes. And yet again, super catchy and easy to jam out to. My favourite thing about these three singles is that they’re all their own entities and one doesn’t sound too similar to the others. They are unique and different in styles which makes them way easier to listen to. I love coming across new bands who can put out several songs that all sound different than one another, it shows their ability to play with sounds and rhythms and experiment more diverse tunes.

Rynheart hasn’t released any music within the past year but they are working on some new material and will hopefully be releasing more this year. Keep your eyes and ears open for their next shows and new releases.


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