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Rico Nasty: Anger Management

By: Staff


Rico Nasty dropped her collaborative album with Kenny Beats (with features from Earthgang, Baauer and SPLURGE) this past Thursday, and she certainly dropped it with a bang. Personally I had never listened to Rico prior to this past Thursday. Several artists within the Rap and R&B community were boasting the album, and I caught heat of it climbing the charts and surpassing Beyonce’s Homecoming: The Live Album, so I felt compelled to check it out.

"Cold", the first track on the album, throws down right off the bat with Rico aggressively rapping ‘None of these b*tches cold as me’ over a bass heavy beat. As a female rapper, theres no better way to set the tone for an album like this one.

The strong tone Rico sets in the first track follows to the next song, ‘Cheat Code’. There’s definitely a heavy tone set once again by the production of the track with a frantic sounding violin you might hear in Freddy vs. Jason or Halloween as the villain approaches the victim. As soon as I noted this element in the production, Rico dropped the line ‘People keep tryna test my gangster, Pull up on your block with a mask like Jason’, and I couldn’t help but smirk and give a mental applaud at the way this song was constructed.

Track 3 and 4, Hatin and Big Titties respectively, continue on with the feel Rico sets. As I continued to listen, I began to wonder if Lil’ Kim and Danny Brown got together and had a baby that she’d produce music any different than what Rico puts out. Through the album you have that bubble gum ‘bad b*tch’ feel you might have gotten from Lil’ Kim, accompanied by distinctive and aggressive voice of the likes of Danny Brown (but female), to throw the verses down.

Aside from the hard tone Rico sets, there are many little details that should be appreciated from a creative standpoint. This might be a statement that is difficult for you to take seriously, given the album’s top track so far is titled Big Titties, but you just have to trust me on this one.

Following the mentioned top song of the album, you have Nasty World (Skit) which is a 50 second interlude into Relative. This interlude did throw me in for a bit of a loop, with a haunting carnival announcer narrative, and some pretty uncalled for content. Then, you take a look at the album artwork and the clown-like façade created in the illustration of Rico and see just how the interlude compliments the artwork. Also of note are the versus in Big Titties which make reference to circus type culture such as ‘You ain’t pull her, peep the bio and book her like Matilda (Ha)’ and ‘got you out here looking crazy like a circus’.

Rico released a statement piece with this album. From the album artwork to the versus and themes, I give a huge applaud. She comes out of the gate hard and everything falls and flows almost perfectly after. There is definitely many of female artists in the hip-hop community really trying to make their mark on the scene, but I really like what Rico is doing to make her mark.

Favourite Track: Cheat Code

Least Favourite Track: Sell Out

Favourite Verse (Song: Mood): ‘I got that honey like Winnie the Pooh’

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