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Rex Orange County at The Danforth Music Hall

Written by: Daniel Dorta

Photo Credits: Jayben Favila

Rex Orange County played his first of two sold-out shows at the Danforth Music Hall on January 29th.

Rex took the stage with a full-band by his side, opening the set with a throwback track, “Never Enough” off of his album, Apricot Princess. His vocals were melodic and charming, and he perpetuated an upbeat charisma. This kept the crowd excited and singing along to just about every tune.

Rex captivated the audience through engaging with the crowd throughout the show. He directly chatted with a fan who was face-timing her friend who wasn't able to be at the show and joked with her. This added a personal aspect to the show.

The show featured each band member in a different way, which added another element of entertainment to the night. Each band member had brass solos which were sleek and impressive.

Most of Rex Orange County pays homage to themes of relationships and love, evidently bringing many couples out to the show. He played a cover of "No One" by Alicia Keys which was very fitting with these themes.

During his performance of “Never Had The Balls," the stage was quickly transformed into a disco party with crazy colourful lights and disco balls. Confetti cannons were set off into the crowd which created a magical moment that had the entire crowd dancing and singing along.

In today's day and age, it's nearly impossible for concert-goers to attend a show and not record it on their phones for social media. With that being said, Rex asked the crowd to put their phones away prior to his performance of “Best Friend” so that it could be a moment and everyone could enjoy the show a bit more. It was great to see the crowd agree to this!

He ended the show with “It’s Not The Same Anymore” and set off the confetti cannons again. This was such a magical show with lots of love, dancing and singing. Rex and his band put on an amazing show that I will surely never forget.

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