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Remi Wolf at The Danforth Music Hall | Photo Gallery

Genre-bending pop singer and musician Remi Wolf performed a euphoric, vibrant show at the Danforth Music Hall as part of her Gwingle Gwongle Tour. With her infectious on-stage energy and unique sense of style, she captivated the audience with the technicolor vibes of “Photo ID”, the soulful yet quirky grooves of “Sexy Villain” and more. She was supported by bedroom pop musician Jordana for the Toronto show. Earlier in the tour, Remi Wolf was supported by Hether and Orion Sun.

All photos taken and edited by John Mendoza.

Remi Wolf

Jordan Nye

  1. Quiet on Set

  2. Wyd

  3. Monte Carlo

  4. Guerrilla

  5. Liquor Store

  6. Sexy Villain

  7. Liz

  8. Pink + White

  9. Michael

  10. Positive Affirmations by Conor Malloy

  11. Anthony Kiedis

  12. Woo!

  13. Photo ID

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