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RALPH TV Returns With "4 U"

By: Gemma Mastroianni

UK-based Indie-Pop/Rock band Ralph TV is back with a vibey new single, "4 U." It's been brightening my mood all week long and I hope it does the same for you!

I originally discovered RALPH TV a couple of years ago through Nice Guys Radio, which is who is an indie label whom they have dropped this single with.

The song was written collaboratively and produced by all four band members featuring airy synths, and a beat inspired by funk. The vocals are a bit drowned out as expected but feature an echo effect to emphasize the idea of reaching out for the attention of their love interest which is so creative and fitting for a February single!

Will explains: “This track is one where we’ve tried to encompass all of our elements into one. The funky side and the dreamy side working in tandem with each other.” He adds: “Even though we still record all of our tracks DIY style we have also consciously tried to make this one sound a bit more polished by focusing on developing our techniques and songwriting.”

Guitarist, vocalist and producer Ben Brown elaborates: “I wrote them in the wake of the first lockdown last year. It reflects on the mundane repetition of life during the pandemic and the longing for a return to normality. But then it also has the chorus of a love song. Love is always something that we can use as a nice distraction for when the world is so chaotic, it’s always there to keep me grounded. So, I guess the track is about that personal experience and the interplay between those things, which is something that really shaped my experience in 2020.”

I truly cannot wait to see what else they have in store for this year. There is not a single song in their collection I don't like! They bring a funky flare to the Indie scene and I think their UK influence brings a unique flare to the Indie-Pop scene. The cherry on top? They are one of the nicest bands I've ever interviewed!

If you love what you are hearing, be sure to check out their debut EP 'Cabin Fever' which dropped in 2020, available on all streaming platforms. You can also listen to my podcast episode with them here.

Give the band a follow on Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music.


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