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Premier: Sheena Doesn't Mind by Kyle Duke and the Brown Bag Boys

By: Gemma Mastroianni

“Sheena Doesn’t Mind,” the latest single from his one-man garage-rock experiment Kyle Duke and the Brown Bag Boys is moody, alternative, and captivating. If you're a Nirvana or Ramones fan, this is perfect for you. The consistent riff throughout the track is both catchy and intriguing, and the tone in which the song progresses draws you right into the dark mood of the track. Although Duke is often compared to Mac Demarco, he stems away from this comparison in this new single. This new aesthetic is not only exciting to see him take on a new sound, but also impressive to see that he can pull off another sound while still incorporating what he originally had perpetuated.

In the first couple of years as a live band, they often played house and basement shows throughout Brooklyn and NYC. The band would often close out these shows with a cover of "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" by the Ramones. "Sheena Doesn't Mind" is a sequel of this story that was introduced by The Ramones. Duke plays every instrument, while also being the one who mixed and mastered the track. He calls it a DIY ode to the tragic, loner punk incorporating psychedelic and power-pop.

With the release of “Sheena Doesn’t Mind,” Duke will also be embarking on a tour of the US Northeast and Midwest with fellow NYC psych rock band.

Upright Man. 3.14 New Haven, CT 3.21 Columbus, OH 3.15 Brooklyn, NY 3.22 Cincinnati, OH 3.16 Winchester, VA 3.23 Dayton, OH 3.17 Philadelphia, PA

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