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Passport Radio Drops their best Single yet, "Lighthouse"

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Toronto-based four piece Garage Rock band, Passport Radio, has dropped a brand new single, "Lighthouse."

The track is slow-paced with some moody guitar that progressively builds up to heavy drops, and eventually a harder, louder, and powerful chorus with heavy guitar and percussion. Lead singer and guitarist Alex Fecioru displays some of his best vocals yet. They are loud, powerful, and he even incorporates some screams - but like, Indie screams (they aren't anything too out there.)

I also loved their past release of "Dirty Hands" which was worked on in collaboration with Nixon Boyd of Hollerado, and Quezal's vocals.

Taken by Meg Moon

"Lighthouse" is definitely a bit of a different vibe than "Dirty Hands", but both singles show tremendous growth. "Dirty Hands" is a low-key love song, and "Dirty Hands" is edgier and more about struggles in a relationship. If things keep going in this direction, I could easily see the band growing and playing with bands such as Beach Goons, Diiv, The Dirty Nil, Kid Bloom etc. My point is that this level of talent and quality is something that can grow far past Toronto, and more into the mainstream North American Indie scene, if marketed properly (and the band has had some beautiful imagery thus far.)

Now to get a bit more factual and stray away from opinion, the single explores the dark side of love, based on the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. It discusses themes of anxiety, and how this can influence romantic relationships.

Technically speaking, it was recorded at Orange Lounge Studios in Toronto by Spencer Sunshine, who also mixed and mastered the song. It was the bands first time in a real studio and they were reportedly really nervous, but were relaxed after talking with staff and their dog Jack.

Watch out, Passport Radio is coming to a radio, more headlines, and festival lineups near you.

All press photos & Album cover by Hal October.

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