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Otherwives at Sneaky Dee's

Otherwives played Sneaky Dee’s while opening for the Like Satellites EP Release show and I must say, they killed it.

For a band that is newer to the music scene, and playing a genre that some would say is “dying” (pop-punk), they remove that perception.

Before listening to their debut EP, “Grace,” I didn’t expect much. I don’t say this in the sense that they lack talent by any means, but rather that they were brand new to the music scene. On that first EP, for many bands, it can be difficult to release something solid typically as a result of a lack of band chemistry, lack of funding, and poor production as a result. The EP’s production is fantastic and precise- far more than what you would expect from a brand new bands first ever EP.

With that being said, I was hooked. It was a modern take on pop-punk and before I knew it, I was listening pretty frequently and telling my friends about it – pop-punk was reborn. Months later I heard that they were playing at Sneaky Dee’s, and I knew I had to be there. Firstly for the reason that I loved the EP, but secondly because I was curious on what it would sound like live, and the band chemistry.

For what they had to work with, (Sneaky Dee’s as a venue), I thought they did a great job. Vocals were a bit low in the mix, but from what I could hear singer, Zach Mesic, sounded identical to the record. The crowd was visibly enjoying the show, dancing and singing along. The band was definitely a bit shy on stage, but their instrumental talents and modern pop punk melody's sure as hell made up for it. In all honesty, I see this becoming such an epic show if the band keeps going.

When I asked Mesic about the upcoming album this Summer, he wasn’t able to tell me much but said that people can expect a change in sound; more melodic and emotional to be precise. Although the band wants to keep most of what is coming a surprise, I know that the album will be one of great quality- and I’m stoked to hear what is next.

Check them out on Instagram.

Listen to their tunes.

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