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Navigate the Sky Release "Is It Just Me?"

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Toronto Pop trio, Navigate The Sky, has just dropped, "Is It Just Me?" with a lyric video to accompany the release.

The mid-tempo song is perfect for these mid-summer vibes. It carries themes of rejection, confusion, and self-doubt. Through such difficult times where we have had far too much time to ourselves, this song is perfect for all of us who overthink! With that said, it's incredibly catchy and well-produced, and most certainly a BOP.

The song was written with BRDGS in the Secret Genius studio in Toronto, which is owned by Spotify. It was also produced with Gabe Galucci (Sean Mendes, Victoria Duffield.)

"The song is about chasing your dreams, despite rejection, self-doubt, and the worst

odds. We felt that now was a good time to continue the conversation,” Brendan [singer]

comments. “It was written with a great friend of ours, BRDGS, at the Spotify-owned

Secret Genius studio space in Toronto this past February. Little did we know how true

our words would resonate only months later when COVID-19 took over the planet.”

I love when a track can be so fun with an uplifting beat, but carry some deeper lyrics- it reminds me to relax and not take things too seriously! Not only that, but I love the bass and inclusion of synths in this track. The drums in the chorus give it a slight alternative touch, which makes it the perfect pop song for someone who is into more alternative or rock music.

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