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Nathaniel Rateliff at Roy Thomson Hall

By: Dakota Arsenault

Colorado-based musician Nathaniel Rateliff returned to Toronto to play a two-night stand at the beautiful Roy Thompson Hall, a unique spot for an artist like Rateliff, but one that worked beautifully.

The show opened with Courtney Marie Andrews who hails from Phoenix, Arizona and played a starkly intimate set of just her alone on stage with her acoustic guitar and a single spot light. Her delicate, yet strong voice filled the venue.

Nathaniel Rateliff, who just released his newest album, And It’s Still Alright, without his Night Sweats band that accompanied him on recent years. He has gone back to his solo folk style opposed to his more soul and blues band records. On night one he filled his set consisting mostly of his new album but also from music throughout his career.


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