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My Connection To Music

I wanted to make this post in regards to how I personally connect to music. Basically everyone in my life knows that I LOVE music. Every now and again I’ll get questioned because I don’t play an instrument, as if that de-values my love for music. Out of this questioning, it has inspired me to make this blog post in regards to just why I’m so connected to music.

I became connected to music through dance. Lyrical was one of my favourite forms, in which you have to be very emotionally connected with whatever you are dancing to. Through dancing this form I had to pay great attention to lyricism and how their voice sounded. Having this in mind while moving to music allowed me to develop the connection. Through performance and practicing this form weekly, I was hooked.

I love music because it carries me through the waves of life. If I’m feeling sad or overwhelmed, I throw on some dreary tunes. Some would argue that it could make the situation at hand worse but for me, I let the music guide me through those feelings. Sometimes it’s hard for me to put into words as to why I feel a certain way, but certain songs and instrumentals help me connect deeper into what I’m feeling.

If I’m feeling excited or happy, I’ll listen to something up-beat. It enhances my mood and the moment, and really just adds another element and sound to what I’m feeling.

I often make posts and statuses online looking for music recommendations, and I do this because I want to connect deeper with people. I want to know what music people LOVE, it helps me get to know them better. I want to know what music they are passionate about, I want to know what makes them feel fulfilled. I often ask people close to me for recommendations, and that is another reason why.

I used to listen to music to fall asleep until I started living with my boyfriend (I’m okay with this). I made a playlist around 7-8 hours of sleepy dreary tunes. I would sometimes hear this music in my dreams, and often wake up at points throughout the night with tracks playing. In those moments I would appreciate whatever was playing, there was something so beautiful about those moments. I must say, I do have an appreciation for a nice quiet sleep.

I share a lot of music online, and its often because that it what resonates with me that day. Sometimes its just about what describes how I feel in that moment as well, or simply that the song is what is currently carrying me through that moment in life. It’s my expression. It’s also nice to see who comments and likes, because I then relate to those people.

If you’ve hung-out with me at my home either one on one or with people, I almost always have a playlist in the background. I like to play whatever I feel matches the mood of whatever were doing, or who I’m with. I like creating memories to music with people close to me because I can then go back to those songs, and be reminded of those times.

How do you connect to music?

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