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Mitski at Massey Hall

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Japanese-American singer-songwriter Mitski took over Massey Hall on March 18th, 2022.

I saw her perform about four years ago at Osheaga in Montréal while she was promoting her highly appraised album "Be the Cowboy." I wasn't a HUGE fan at the time but after seeing her set, I was so impressed and intrigued by her stage presence. Her show is truly a performance with her incorporation of movement, emotion, and props. Following this performance, she announced just a few months later that she was indefinitely taking a break from music.

Four years later, she blessed us with "Laurel Hell" on Valentines day. This collection of show-stopping tracks and personal lyricism had me fall in love with Mitski all over again, and is one of my favourite albums of the year (so far.) When I heard she was coming to Massey Hall, I knew I couldn't miss the opportunity to see her in such an intimate setting.

This show definitely did not disappoint and the venue was perfect for the emotional and intimate performance she puts on. Her contemporary and modern inspired movement, emotional vulnerability, and gorgeous vocals (despite being ill with a cold) made for a breathtaking performance.

I do feel that the most entertaining songs took place towards the end but then again, that's just my personal preference as they all happened to be my current favourites (my current favourites being "Geyser," "Working for The Knife," "The Only Heartbreaker," "Heat Lightning.") All in all the entire show was fantastic and Mitski's stage presence was gracious. If you're a fan I totally recommend you see her in a theatre setting if possible.

Check out the photo gallery below:


  1. Love Me More

  2. Should've Been Me

  3. Francis Forever

  4. First Love/Late Spring

  5. Me and My Husband

  6. Stay Soft

  7. Townie

  8. I Don't Smoke

  9. Once More to See You

  10. Nobody

  11. I will

  12. Drunk Walk Home

  13. Happy

  14. Your Best American Girl

  15. I Bet on Losing Dogs

  16. The Only Heartbreak

  17. Geyser

  18. Working for the Knife

  19. Heat Lightning

  20. Washing Machine Heart

  21. A Pearl

  22. Two Slow Dancers


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