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Middle Part releases song and video for “2morrow”

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Brooklyn-based Indie-Pop artist Middle Part has just dropped a brand new inspiring single titled '2morrow.'

Credit: Payton Newcomer

The euphoric mid-tempo track features a steady beat and a variety of synths, resulting in a dream-pop sound.

The song was co-written by close friend and "co-conspirator" Brian Zaremba, and co-produced by Grayson Proctor of Biyo. Brian and Middle Part came together and created this song about their experiences with mental health and self-doubt, stemming from the pressures of being an artist in this day and age.

The artwork was inspired by Middle Part's Brooklyn bedroom as his walls are essentially his own personal canvas where he displays photos of his artistic influences, as he wanted to create a space that could be an "escapist's haven" ahead of his upcoming album.

“As we were navigating how we wanted the records to sound, I started making my room into a personal project that quickly became an obsession. I wanted to live within my art and now I’m inviting others to come in and experience my Y2K fever dream,” says Middle Part.

You can also check out the trippy video below directed by Kevin James Neal.

If you like Indie or Dream Pop and are looking for something fun and uplifting, this is most definitely the song for you! I look forward to seeing what else Middle Part has in store for us, especially his upcoming album.

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