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Michelle Treacy goes indie rock with "Time Off From a Letdown"

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Toronto based pop artist Michelle Treacy has taken a new route with her new single, "Time Off From a Letdown."

She strips down from the glitz and glamour and reveals a new side of herself, with this brand new shoegaze rock track and cinematic video.

The song and video bring you on an emotional and visual journey through her new beginning of no limitations in her writing and style. This new song and video have truly blown my expectations out of the water. The song and visuals are absolutely breathtaking and I can't get over the consistent build-up and excitement this song brings. It begins quite and builds up intensity through volume and bass right until the drop at the very end.

She began her journey with music at the age of 16 performing live with Lady Gaga in Montreal and since then has topped the charts, recorded an EP, and also won an episode of CTV's The Launch back in 2019. With all of the success thus far and this brand new track that has blown my expectations out of the water, I cannot wait to see what is next. Keep a close eye!

Follow Michelle here.

Note: I had the pleasure of working on the publicity for this song.

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