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MBG shares playlist with songs that inspired new track "I'm Not In Luv"

I've been a fan of MBG (aka Leena Rodriguez) since I discovered her music during the pandemic, and have especially been loving her latest pop-infused indie rock track, "I'm Not In Luv."

With a curiosity to learn more about what inspired the track, I asked Lena to curate a playlist with songs that inspired the new track,

"In general sonically these songs inspired me to head to a direction in my music where it’s still very much rock but melodically it’s pop like these artists I have on my playlist but out of all of them, The Regrettes (when they were still a punk rock band lol) were my biggest inspo especially listening to their sophomore album ‘How Do You Love?’ If I could put that whole album in this playlist I would but I want variation of other artists that I’ve been listening to. And also I’ve been looking into Rock bands that aren’t just boy bands or female fronted bands playing Rock music which is inspiring to me personally." - MBG (Leena Rodriguez)

Check out the Spotify playlist below or by clicking here.

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