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Love Wagon Releases New Single 'I Miss the Days'

By: Gemma Mastroianni

It's been just about one year living in this pandemic, and I'm really feeling the effects. Every day is blending into one another and the nostalgia of normal life only continues to hit harder as the time goes by, as opposed to adjusting to this life. I miss my friends, family, restaurants, concerts, festivals, and the list goes on. It becomes increasingly more difficult to remain positive with no end in sight, but 'I Miss the Days' from Love Wagon really hits the spot for coping through these feelings.

Love Wagon has just released a new single, 'I Miss the Days', a soft medley carrying an ode to memories, and the nostalgia is real. Most of their music has been very blues and funk-rock, but this song shows them taking a more slowed down approach, and leaning into folk.

Oddly enough, the song was written over a year ago prior to the pandemic (is Love Wagon psychic?) The song is nostalgic, but also comforting and serves as a reminder to the fact that you are not alone. It originally took on a different meaning targeted at a more simplistic time in the world overall, but now carries a double meaning due to everything going on.

"On the surface level, I Miss the Days is an anguished, nostalgic sentiment for simpler times. It addresses societal issues such as: an incessant need for validation and praise, especially on social media; obsessing over facts and minute details concerning politics and celebrities. These issues still ring true, however, the pandemic, and social upheaval that constituted 2020 subsequently altered the meaning of the song. It became clear over the past year that the idealistic world described in I Miss the Days, in fact never existed, but going forward we have the ability to enact positive change." - Band statement

Although written pre-pandemic, it was recorded through the year from home and apart from one another. This is not their first take on an acoustic track, but is the first ever folk inspired song for the band, which they absolutely crushed instrumentally and lyrically. Additionally, it features Jason Jones on the pedal steel guitar, adding to the classic Americana vibe of this flawless song.

I hope to see Love Wagon lean more into this Americana and Folk inspiration. They do an amazing job at nailing down the classic sound! Be sure to check out their past releases as well- expect big sound, and an exciting classic vibe.

Check out Love Wagon on Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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