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Louis Tomlinson at Budweiser Stage | Photos

On May 30th, the Budweiser Stage in Toronto became a vibrant hub of anticipation as fans eagerly awaited the performance of the immensely talented Louis Tomlinson. This blog post presents a collection of captivating photographs that encapsulate the essence of that unforgettable night. Join us as we relive the magic, immersing ourselves in the electrifying atmosphere and soul-stirring melodies that defined Louis Tomlinson's concert in Toronto.

All photos captured and edited by Josiah Botting:

Louis Tomlinson


  1. The Greatest

  2. Kill My Mind

  3. Bigger Than Me

  4. Lucky Again

  5. Holding on to Heartache

  6. Face the Music

  7. We Made It

  8. Night Changes

  9. Chicago

  10. Saved by a Stranger

  11. Written All Over Your Face

  12. All This Time

  13. She Is Beauty We Are World Class

  14. Copy of a Copy of a Copy

  15. Walls

  16. 505

  17. Back to You

  18. Angels Fly

  19. Out of My System


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