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Lone Dweller by A Path Untold | EP Review

By: Gemma Mastroianni

A Path Untold is a musical vision project curated by Daniel Merrill (formerly of Aligning Minds) from Baltimore. The project has been growing and nurturing a unique dance and psychedelic sound for years.

Today, Merrill just dropped the Lone Dweller EP. The collection of music takes on a lush, melodic, future garage-influenced sound that tells its story through the lens of the current pandemic the world is facing. It's honestly a breath of fresh air compared to a variety of tracks that have been released with themes of isolation and repetitive lyricism.

The EP was written and produced in just five weeks. Merrill saw this EP as a challenge to get the music out as quickly as possible in hopes of staying relevant to the current situation we face so that we can relate to this music at the moment, and that he succeeded! Each track is a window of emotional reflection as a result of witnessing the unprecedented changes in the society and world around us.

"Point B - Fossils (A Path Untold Remix)" is a lowkey dance track, giving me some Thom Yorke vibes. You can vibe out and feel the heavy bass that drowns in and out, with feminine vocals layered beautifully over top.

All of the music was written in social isolation, as an expression of the spaces between personal and collective isolation, sharing the hope that this time can result in bringing us closer together as one, as opposed to dividing.

"Into The Fray", the mid-point of the EP, picks things up even more with deeper and diverse bass. I especially admire the amount of detail in between each hit of bass, and there is an immense amount of beauty to take in within this track. I love how the track starts off on a bit of a darker note, and then ends off with a hint of darkness, but has you dancing.

"Unity Veil" starts off quiet and atmospheric, but quickly changes into an experimental dance track. The song gives vibes of the struggle we are all undergoing but gives a glimmer of hope.

One hundred percent of album proceeds will go to the Ecuadorian Amazon to emergency funds for the Siekopai indigenous community. Ecuador has been among the hardest-hit countries in Latin America, and our greatest fear-- that indigenous peoples in the Amazon would be infected by the virus without adequate means to protect themselves-- is now a tragic reality. The Siekopai nation in Ecuador is made up of just 744 people and 185 families living across six villages, and Siekopai leaders are deeply concerned about what will happen if the virus continues to spread.

With your support, we continue to be able to mobilize information, food, and medical supplies to indigenous communities across the Amazon.

I encourage you to sit back, relax, and let this album take you through the mystic journey it perpetuates. It is evidently very carefully crafted, and you will discover something new on each listen as you become more and more interested in what each detail has to offer.

Follow A Path Untold on Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

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