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Live Music Every Day | Week 9

We understand it's tough times, and hope that our live music sessions can provide you with some relief. If you are looking for free mental health or addictions resources, please click here.With that said, here is your week nine lineup and set times!

May 18th | Dartmouth | 8PM EST

Toronto's own groove grass music.

May 19th | Nicole Haber | 8PM EST

Singer and songwriter.

May 20th | Andrew Shier | 8PM EST

Lead singer of Ten Minute Detour.

May 21st | Nutrients (Q&A) | 7:30PM EST

A Toronto band.

May 22nd | Phillip Vonesh | 7PM EST

Singer and songwriter.

May 22nd | Ester | 8PM EST

Chicago based.

May 23rd | New Islands | 8PM EST

Groovy tunes.

May 24th | Lazy Trail | 8PM EST

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