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Live Music Every Day | Week 6

By: Gemma Mastroianni

We hope you're all doing okay. We understand it's tough times, and hope that our live music sessions could provide you with some relief. If you are looking for free mental health or addictions resources, please click here. With that said, here is your week six lineup and set times!

Berta Big Toe | April 27th | 7PM EST

Berta Bigtoe was founded in the droopy caverns of Boston,MA. They now dwell in the gooey mountains of Chicago,IL. They are literally seventh cousins.

Alex Southey | April 28th | 9PM EST

Indie-folk musician focused on themes of Canadian identity, romance, depression, and the small aspects of life that make it so compelling.

Johan Yundt (Small Town Stripclub) | April 29th | 8PM EST

A rock band from Stratford, ON. Their debut songs, "Climb These Heights" and "Ends Meet" were recorded in the EMAC Studios with producer Nick Fetchison.

MBG | April 30th | 8PM EST

A multi-instrumentalist that writes, records, performs, and produces in her bedroom studio. She explores the genres between classic/punk rock and blues to folk and jazz.

Frankie The Pig | May 1st | 8PM EST

Toronto rock band.

Leila Sunier | May 2nd | 9PM EST

The girl at the mediocre house party who probably obsessed over Nietzche in high school or some shit like that.

Kyra Mastro | May 3rd | 8PM EST

A pop fusion artist from Toronto. After ten years of songwriting, she is proud of her evolution. Kyra experiments with different styles such as jazz, r&b, pop, and hip hop while still being influenced by her classical and musical theatre background.

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