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Last Minute V-day Ideas for your Music-Loving Partner

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Happy Valentine's day! If you haven't gotten a present for your close pal yet, I've got your back- this time.....

I'm here with some ideas for low, mid and high budget people who are looking to organize a nice gift for their partner.

Here is the pricing guide:

$ - Framed Lyrics

I hope you know your crush or S/O's favourite song by now. Put the lyrics to their favourite song, or some romantic one into a Word document, find a cool font, and print it out. If you don't have a printer, take the car or bus to your local print shop or library and print it out. Head to the dollar store and grab a frame... boom. You're basically Shakespeare.

$$$$ - Post Malone Tickets

Posty is hitting up the Scotiabank Arena on V-day! If you really wanna flex, grab some secondhand tickets for around $400 each, no big deal. In all seriousness if you wanted to do this, you're best to wait for about one to two hours before the show and grab from a scalper trying to get them off their hands, you can probably get a decent deal. Try Stubhub!

$$$ - Record Store Date

Give your partner a $40 gift card to a record store of your choice. Take them for dinner at a mid-tier priced spot nearby the store, then head to the shop after dinner.

$$$$ - Audiotechnica Record Player and their favourite record on vinyl

This one is pretty sweet for a music lover! I say Audiotechnica because my boyfriend gifted me one and I totally love it, but you can really get any kind of record player! This will totally surprise a loved one who's been wanting some vinyl in there life but hasn't wanted to make the purchase. It's both surprising and thoughtful.

$ or $$ - A cozy night in with a steamy Spotify playlist

Going out on Valentines can be both overrated and stupidly expensive. You can organize a romantic night in for whatever price point you choose really. Make a Spotify playlist with some romantic songs, grab some candles, good snacks (maybe even bake them something heart-shaped?), and just spend some time together! You could even grab some fake rose petals from your local craft store. My point is, you don't need to go out to have a romantic evening.

$-$$$$ Concert Tickets

This one also ranges depending on the show. Personally, I love receiving concert tickets as a gift. The best part is that I love bands that charge $10 for shows, and I love bands that charge $200 for shows. There are options to gift this amazing gift and create memories for every price point.

$$$$ - New Speakers

True music lovers appreciate some good sound quality! I recommend Bose, Marley, or Sonos.

$$$ - Spotify or Apple Music Subscription

I think this is a great present. These streaming services don't cost a ton, but it'll save your lover some coin every month if you buy them a year membership to either of these streaming services! My favourite is Spotify.

$ $$ - Merch

A nice band tee of their favourite artist because we all love that! You can grab something nicer at a place like Urban Outfitters, or find something a bit cheaper at Hot Topic or Urban Planet.

Hope this helps!



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