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Laneway Festival Perth | Photo Gallery

With a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19 Pandemic, St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival did not disappoint, wrapping up the travelling festival in Perth on February 12th.

Taken place in Wellington Square, festival goers were in for a hot one, with temperatures rising up to 28°. But with sunscreen and water being offered throughout the entire day and a wide range of food trucks scattered throughout the festival grounds, it was clear that organizers came prepared to give music lovers the best experience possible.

This genre-bending festival had a star-studded lineup, with fan favourites including Fred again.., Phoebe Bridgers, FINNEAS, girl in red and Joji taking the main stage. From 100 gecs bringing hyper pop to Western Australia to slowthai, Tasman Keith and Knucks serving an energetic crowd of rap fans, Laneway had an artist for every type of concert fanatic. Not to mention the energy and synchronicity HAIM as they closed out the main stage—the three sisters showing what it means to put on a performance.

Check out the photo gallery captured by Kianna Sumitani below:



Fred Again...

Girl in Red

Fontaines DC


Phoebe Bridgers



Tasman Keith

While the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival tour has come to an end for this year, its organization was top tier. From the well-curated lineup to the friendly staff and peaceful festival attendees, Laneway Perth 2023 was a prime example of what a music festival should be. If this was the event after taking a few years off, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Laneway Festival 2024.

Photos and writing by Kianna Sumitani.


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