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Joshua Bassett at The Axis Club

Lastnight, Joshua Bassett played The Axis Club for the Toronto stop of his world tour. His brand new EP "Sad Songs In A Hotel Room" releases September 23rd, and we got to hear tracks off the album before it's release.

Check out photos below of Joshua Bassett, as well as opener Lindsey Lomis. All photos taken and edited by Kianna Sumitani:

Joshua Bassett

Lindsey Lomis


  1. Feel Something

  2. Secret

  3. Doppelgänger

  4. LA

  5. Used to It

  6. Sweet Love

  7. She Will Be Loved

  8. Do It All Again

  9. Finally Free

  10. Only a Matter of Time

  11. Sorry

  12. Anyone Else

  13. Heaven Is You

  14. Lie Lie Lie

  15. Common Sense

  16. Smoke Slow

  17. Lifeline

  18. All in Due Time

  19. Set Me Free

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