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Joe Exotic's Music Video Collection

By: Samantha D'Alessandro

The Tiger King has stolen the world's attention yet again. If you have yet to see the documentary series on Netflix, you totally need to. Here are his top five music videos:

1.) Here Kitty Kitty

This isn’t only Joe Exotic’s best song, but it’s also his best music video. In this video, Joe successfully reenacts the conspiracy that his arch-nemesis Carol Baskin, fed her late husband to her collection of tigers. It’s complete with one of Joe’s many interesting outfits, a look-a-like Carol actress, tigers, a car dealership intro and fake body parts. Not to mention, Joe holding real tiger feces in his hand and wearing a priests collar… Not much of this video makes sense except for the fact that Carol most definitely fed her husband to the tigers. My favourite part is Joe’s disappearance with the snap of his fingers. 10/10 editing on that one Joe. I have to give him credit for his creativity in this video making it his most entertaining one by far.

2.) I Saw a Tiger

Another Joe Exotic classic takes the number two spot on this list with "I Saw Tiger". This song is clearly about Joe’s love and affection for this species of animals and it actually is quite wholesome regardless of the video's humorous nature. This video features John Finlay, Joe’s first husband. It also contains adorable tiger cubs, and Joe’s iconic scene standing on top of some sort of cruiser/ pick up truck playing guitar. The corniness of this video is what makes it so iconic and keeps you watching all the way till the end. We also get to see another one of Joe's iconic outfits, his sequin tiger print button-up, and jeans; A true style icon.

3.) Pretty Woman Lover

This is a video you may not be familiar with as it wasn’t featured in the Tiger King documentary. I had to do some research to find this gem, and you will not be disappointed. "Pretty Woman Lover" threw me for loop simply because of its context. If you’ve seen the documentary or even the memes, you’d know that Joe Exotic is openly gay and married to not one, but two men. This video is flashy and the definition of redneck. It’s got motorcycles, leather, cowboys, tattoo shops, bars, women and singing on rooftops? Imagine Joe Exotic had an entourage of groupies… That’s this music video. Best of all, John Finlay, Joe’s husband, is also featured! What a wild ride.

4.) You Can’t Believe

I’m almost at a loss for words for this video, you just have to see it to understand. This song is a tribute to Terry Thompson. For those of you who don’t know, Thompson was responsible for the Zanesville massacre which led to hundreds of exotic animals being murdered after being turned loose on the town. In the video, Joe pays to tribute to Thompson by acting out a redneck style execution of Thompson… Joe’s creativity never ceases to surprise me and he is definitely the nasty of raw, uncut shock factor.

5.) How Was I To Know

I had to do some digging to find this one too and to put it simply, this one made my list because of the retro intro, the corny drive-in screen edit, oh and Joe’s coffin scene… that’s right COFFIN SCENE. The song itself is about heartbreak and I’m not quite sure how to video compliments that, but it’s worth the watch just to see the random scenes of Joe Exotic in a casket in the middle of an empty field.


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