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Indigo De Souza at The Opera House | Photo Gallery

On May 20th 2023, North Carolina indie pop rock artist Indigo De Souza performed a glistening show at the Opera House. She kicked off her show with frenetic dream pop track “Time Back” as the crowd danced to its pulsating beat.

De Souza then continued with other songs from her April 2023 album “All of this Will End” such as “Smog” and “Not My Body.” She finished her set off with the comforting yet chaotic “Real Pain” but later returned on stage for an encore with “How I Get Myself Killed”.

She was supported by folk rock band Sluice who performed songs off of their March album “Radial Gate” and their self-titled album from 2019.

All photos by John Mendoza or @iblibs on Instagram.

Indigo De Souza




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