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Indie-Pop UK Artist Emile drops "More Now"

By: Gemma Mastroianni

UK based indie-pop artist has recently dropped a new single titled, "More Now."

This track gives me some Rüfüs Du Sol and Ry X vibes. It's definitely a dance/indie-electronic style track. Vocals pretty much stay at the same range for most of the song but maintain some consistent layering. The vocals do get a bit louder towards the end of the track, featuring a nice build-up that'll have you dancing.

The song is mainly synth-based but features an electric guitar towards the end which is a great addition adding to the intensity of the strong build-up this song carries throughout. Instrumentally, the song is actually very detailed between a variety of synths and some subtle guitar throughout- I'd honestly describe it as magical.

Lyrics are all about maintaining a relationship and components that make up a successful one. Overall, it's a fun track perfect for dancing the night away with your loved one. The vocals are smooth and sleek, perfect for this dance track.

Emile began writing songs at an early age, inspired by his father's record collection and hand me down guitar. As a teen, he was mostly involved in the underground rock scene but embraced back into his love for pop music at 18. He began working as a sound engineer in London where he met his current writing and production collaborator, Flo Reutter. Through this experience, he found his flow in songwriting and poetry and developed this project.

He relocated to his father’s childhood home of Copenhagen and began playing in various bands as a guitarist and songwriter, touring across Europe with a hardcore punk band for a year while starting to compile material for his solo project. umLaut Productions and Emile started working together in Berlin in early 2019 and began cultivating the musical identity that has led to the release of “More Now”.

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