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How do you Daydream?

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Photos by: Dakota Arsenault and Gemma Mastroianni

Daydream - a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one's attention from the present.

Are you a sparkling water fan, or do you enjoy hemp products? Daydream is Canada’s first hemp and adaptogen infused sparkling water containing no sugar or caffeine. The unique blend of ingredients works with the body’s immune system making it a go-to beverage to increase focus, reduce stress and fatigue. The drink comes in three different flavours, all being delicious and enhancing your relaxation experience.

What is in the drink? Hemp extract, Shisandra, Moringa, and Ginseng. The ingredients promote balance and clarity, stress reduction, antioxidants, and improve your focus and memory.

We are excited to present a playlist for each flavour, to enhance your Daydream experience.

Cucumber Lime

This flavour is all about keeping it casual and cool, and so is this playlist. Kick back, relax, and mellow out to this playlist filled with dreamy and psychedelic tunes.

Blackberry Chai

Blackberry Chai creates an otherworldly connection. With this playlist, you can vibe out with some friends, dance, and experience a combination of beats like never before.

Peach Ginger

This flavour has the reputation of being nostalgically refreshing, so this playlist features a variety of alternative rock tunes that represent the same thing.

You can order your drinks here, or pick some up at your local independent coffee shops, grocery stores, Healthy Planet Ontario, or Sobeys.

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