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Hollerado's Final Show

Written by: Gemma Mastroianni

Photo Credits: Dakota Arsenault

Hollerado played their final performances ever in Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall last week. Dakota Arsenault and I were lucky to be attendees of night one on Wednesday, Dec. 11th. Tokyo Police Club opened the night.

Their set consisted only of songs from 2010 album Champ, fitting into the nostalgic theme of the night, and was excited to be a part of Hollerado's final shows.

As for Hollerado, this was such a treat. This show wasn't packed, which was great as I got to stand closer to the stage without feeling cramped. This had to do with the fact that they had four different final shows for fans to choose from.

The guys were in a great mood and were ready to rock. The set was filled with playful banter and they even stopped to take questions from the crowd. They were questioned about their coordinated Adidas outfit and jokingly said they were sponsored... or were they?

They played a variety of uplifting classics including "Pick Me Up," "Born Yesterday," "Juliette," "Americanarama," "So It Goes" and more. There were a variety of confetti explosions throughout the show, and they even brought up an audience member to play "Juliette" on guitar and brought another audience guest to dance and play the tambourine.

Although this was Dakota and I's first and final time seeing Hollerado, this was well worth it. They put on one hell of a party and have amazing chemistry between one another. It's so much more than just a show with tunes they unite the crowd and bring back old memories, the entertaining banter, fun lighting (including blacklights), audience interaction, and impressive musicianship. Hollerado will be incredibly missed, and I'm happy we be part of them going out with such a bang!

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