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Half Moon Run at REBEL

By: Gemma Mastroianni & Jared Burke

Montreal Indie-rockers Half Moon Run treated concert-goers to a memorable night at Toronto’s Rebel concert hall last Wednesday.

The quartets opener, 21 Gun Salute, was a high energy performance that left the crowd in anticipation for more. Their second song, “I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On” was an upbeat, melodic number with highly impressive vocal harmonies and a flashy guitar solo.

The band’s performance was incredibly tight, with all performers displaying talent and dedication to their various instruments. It was complemented by a string section that performed in the rafters directly above.

The band’s stage setting could be described as ambient, featuring a fog machine and pale lighting.

Half Moon Run thanked a local hockey team who had told the band that they were skipping a game in order to attend the show.

Devon Portielje’s lead vocals were delivered with both power and passion. The mix and instrument levels were fantastic. The percussions, strings, keyboards, guitars, and vocals could all be heard with profound clarity.

The band’s duel percussion arrangement added a unique touch to the show. Half Moon Run has two percussionists, one of which simultaneously plays the keyboard with one hand, while holding down the beat with his remaining limbs.

Half Moon Run’s lead guitar parts were very special. Guitarist/vocalist, Devon Portielje’s solos fit the songs incredibly well. He does not need to rely on layers of effects or complicated shredding to deliver a tasteful and impactful solo that compliments the songs while not overshadowing the rest of the band.


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