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HÄANA drops moody new single "Sand"

Photo taken by Sequoia Emmanuelle

Los Angeles based one-woman orchestra HÄANA combines music, technology, and art to create her mystical sound. She has just dropped a moody new single titled, "Sand."

Sand is inspired by her memories of an overcast Morro Bay,CA with a moody vibe, where she found five separate perfectly in tact sand dollars on the beach in the winter. Following this event, she recorded the song inspired by this occurrence in her friends studio in Northern California where she was further inspired by sounds from nature and stillness.

Morro Bay,CA photographed by Haana Thiem

While listening, expect to be taken on the same journey. The track begins on a minimalistic and intimate note with piano and acoustic guitar, and a small amount of bass. In moments, her signature violin is layered with beautifully echoed vocals. The bass in the chorus is inspired by her time living in Spain where she stomped her boots and danced the night away at a Bulgarian dance party.

As for the lyricism, the language is actually made up by HÄANA herself (my guess was that it was some form of latin, but I was amazed to discover this!) She was inspired by timeless romance, as well as artist Eivør's vocalizations on her song Í Tokuni.

Photo taken by Hana Wolf

"I love using my voice as a texture, an instrument, without attaching meaning to the words so the listener can form their own inner landscape and significance relating to their own life."

I really admire the pace of this track. It has a steady progression and draws you in with more and more instrumental layers, but transitions to guitar only, building you up for more violin and heavier dance-like bass drops. All in all, it took me on a journey and I would certainly define it as a calming but eventful song.

production, violin, vocals: HÄANA acoustic guitar: Jon Margulies bass guitar: Ian Sloane vocals/violin engineered by Trevor Coalter, Los Angeles, CA mixed by Michal Nocny at Endeavor Studios, Los Angeles, CA mastered by Shawn Hatfield, AudibleOddities, Oakland, CA

artwork: photo: Sequoia Emmanuelle mua: Ashley Joy Beck hair artist: Pavy digital manipulations + concept: HÄANA + Abbey Ley

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