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Glaive and Oso Oso Photos - Danforth Music Hall

Alt-pop rock sensation Glaive rocked the house at the Danforth Music Hall on August 16th 2023. At the beginning of his set, he emerged from a large tent on stage and kicked off the night with his quiet ballad track “oh are you bipolar one or two?”. He also performed tracks from his recently released album "i care so much that i don't care at all" such as ”the car” and “17250”. Halfway through the set, he exclaimed that he was "happy to be in Canada and happier to be in Toronto". Long Beach rock band Oso Oso and rapper-producer Polo Perks supported him for his Toronto performance. He was also supported by Washington-based rock band Origami Angel during other parts of the tour.

All photos by John Mendoza (@iblibs).



  1. oh are you bipolar one or two?

  2. as if

  3. im nothing thats all i am

  4. 1984

  5. prick

  6. pissed

  7. the car

  8. the prom

  9. i care so much that i dont care at all

  10. i wanna slam my head against the wall

  11. dnd

  12. cloak n dagger

  13. fuck this town

  14. pardee urgent care

  15. ive made worse mistakes

  16. tiziana

  17. all i do is try my best

  18. 17250

  19. astrid

  20. minnesota is a place that exists

Oso Oso

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