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DWTM Releases "Jump" on Apple Music

Toronto-based multi-talented artist Downwiththemob has dropped a brand new EP today titled "Cancel Culture" featuring the heavy bass track, "Jump."

The ever-evolving artist is a songwriter, singer, rapper, and producer. He began making music from a young age for fun with his friends on the school bus without understanding how serious he would take it one day. Now he has defined his sound through ambient sounding vocals and heavy pulsating beats.

"Jump" starts off with thick bass plucking, accompanied by ambient inspired vocals leading to the thrilling build-up to the chorus, coming shortly after he whispers "jump." The pulsating beats in the chorus are almost a modern-sounding and "cooler" version of something Skrillex inspired. It's definitely less "noisy" and oversaturated with effects and allows you to take in the bass and appreciate every sound on this track.

The track was produced by him and his team on all tracks including beats, melodies, lyrics, mixing and mastering. His team owns a studio in Scarborough where it all comes together from scratch.

DWTM's lyrics are inspired by both positive and negative experiences in his life. He is very passionate about music as an outlet to express himself and have fans relate back to it.

Be sure to check out the EP in full and stay tuned for what is next!

Follow DWTM on Instagram.

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