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Death From Above 1979 Talk "Is 4 Lovers" | Wavy Podcast

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Canadian rock duo Death From Above 1979 join me on Wavy to talk about their brand new LP, "Is 4 Lovers."

The hard-hitting new album has been on repeat for me since it released at the end of March and is actually my favourites of their release of theirs since"You're A Woman I'm A Machine."

I have respect for their entire collection however, it feels like this one has a bit of flavour from each of their albums all meshed into one, making for a punk-dance hard-hitting and heavy sound at times. It's well balanced with Side A being up-beat, while Side B is a bit slower but still keeping some edge.

Dive into our conversation and learn about key gear, production process, promo, songwriting, and so much more. Watch below or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts :

Listen to "Is 4 Lovers."


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