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Coachella Weekend Two | Day Two

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Day two is completed and I’m left blown away yet again by the environment and talent at Coachella. Check out my day two highlights below:


This was such a fun one. The LA based alt-rock band put on an uplifting set and the crowd was beyond thrilled! Despite the scorching heat, everyone was dancing and singing along to every track.


Disclosure put on one of the most exciting sets I witnessed at the festival so far. The sun was setting throughout the set and they played electrifying tracks like “When a Fire Starts To Burn,” “You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want to Be Free,” “Latch,” and a ton more. It was one of those “you just had to be there” moments.


Brockhampton played their final show ever. I wasn’t able to catch the entire set but I did see the last few tracks, and the Sahara stage was the perfect spot for the occasion. They closed out their set with “BOOGIE” and the crowd energy was bittersweet, euphoric, and beautiful. Here’s to new beginnings!

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

Freddie Gibbs teamed up with the legendary artist and producer Madlib for a hype set in the GOBI tent. I was definitely surprised to see his kids on stage despite his lyricism, but it added a fun element to the set to see them dancing along! It was one for the books with tracks “Crime Pays,” “Gang Signs,” “Thuggin’”, and more.

Billie Eilish

Wow, what a way to close out such an eventful day. Billie played tracks from all of her discography and her energy was contagious. Her vocals were on point and she expressed a ton of gratitude throughout the set, and also made an effort to check in on the crowd. She even brought out the iconic Haley Williams for an acoustic cover of “Misery Business.” Although she didn’t play all of her tracks all the way through, it was still a great way to cover so much of her discography for her 90 minute set.

Day three coverage coming soon!


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