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Chloe Moriondo at The Opera House | Photo Gallery

Alternative hyperpop musician Chloe Moriondo played a dazzling show as part of her Sucker Punch tour. She played songs off of her eponymous sophomore album such as the glitchy electronic track "Cdbaby <3" and explosive hyperpop anthem "Hell Hounds".

Supporting her was genre-bending alternative R&B artist Dreamer Isioma for their first ever international show. They performed the alluring ballad "Valentina", TikTok quarantine anthem "Sensitive" and more.

All photos by John Mendoza.

Chloe Moriondo


  1. Popstar

  2. Knockout

  3. Celebrity

  4. Take Your Time

  5. Bodybag

  6. Cdbaby<3

  7. Hearteyes

  8. Cry

  9. Trophy

  10. Plastic Purse

  11. Paparazzi

  12. Hotel for Clowns

  13. DRESS UP

  14. Hell Hounds

Dreamer Isioma

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