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Chiara Young drops "One Sided"

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Toronto based pop singer and Tik-Tok phenomenon Chiara Young released new single “One Sided” this past Friday.

This is one of the best pop songs I've heard thus far to kick-off 2020. I'm pretty picky with my pop music, but this one hits the spot for me because it's catchy as hell, clever, and diverse. It's just a matter of time before it hits the charts and is playing on the radio daily!

When the song began, I felt some grunge-rock inspiration, but as soon as other pop and electronic elements were implemented, it even reminded me of Chromeo. I like this track because it includes elements of pop, electronic, and rock. In pop music these days, I find that we are beginning to hear less and less guitar, and more synths and electronic features. I think it is crucial that these elements are combined, as guitars can create an amazing foundation for a pop song - like this one! I'm not suggesting that we forbid the utilization of synths and electronics, but rather to continue to combine.

Production is sleek and smooth, and overall amazing quality. As I mentioned earlier I'd say this one could easily be played on the radio! Ryan Guay of Street Pharmacy played a big role in the writing and composition of the track.

Her voice is smooth and refreshing, and simply beautiful. It's charming and perfect for this anthem all about struggles through a relationship.

I don't typically write about too much pop music, but I totally love this track! As soon as I heard it it was pretty much stuck in my head (in all the right ways!)

Keep your eye on Young as she's working on her new EP, and releasing a couple more singles in February and April.

Follow Chiara on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.


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