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Canada's Best Indie Releases

By: Gemma Mastroianni

I'm so happy that artists are still releasing music in this pandemic. I've seen some artists pull back and delay, which I totally understand. With that said, as a music-loving human, I need the new tunes to function! Here are some noteworthy ones that I'm into:

Fleece - Love Song for Haters

Such a gorgeous track with beautiful components, and glistening vocals. This one gets me in the feels! The video is absolutely stunning and takes you on quite the trip as well.

MBG - Too Slow

Some badass rock & roll here! Leena absolutely kills this track with powerful riffs and edgy vocals.

Higher Than The Drugs - Stuck on Planet Earth

This is such a fun one - both the video and the song. This is some fun rock & roll that you can dance to, maybe even a bit Foals inspired!? The video is a must-see!

Afterglow - Luna Li

Another beautiful and feminine track from Luna Li. The violin always adds a nice touch!

Strange - Jordan Paul

Jordan Paul definitely has an old soul when it comes to music. His Beatles/Queen-esque vocals lay beautifully over his slow-paced instrumentals and synths. With the pandemic, this is the perfect time for the release of "Strange."


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