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Canada's best New Releases

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Many artists have pulled back releases understandably so due to the current situation we all find ourselves in, but I give props to the artists who have decided to proceed. Check out some of my favourites:

Forever - Sweet Tooth

This song is light and uplifting, which is exactly what we could all use during these challenging times! The vocal reverb in the chorus creates the perfect texture for this vintage-esque track. I also love the breakdown at the 2:00 mark, giving the song a hint of psychedelic vibes. I'm definitely going to be bumping this one all summer long!

Ascots - Quinn Mills

I love the thick bassline this track starts off with, setting the stage for this grunge-rock song. The track has some attitude and edgy riffs, with crisp and cool vocals that overlay it beautifully. The chorus is incredibly catchy, and the song ends with listeners just craving for more- which is why you also need to check out his brand new EP!

Fool's Gold - Small Town Stripclub

This blues-inspired track has nice progression, John Mayer inspired vocals, and leading up to a heavy chorus. I like the hints of electric guitar throughout the song, which add a subtle detail that makes the song have an edgier twist to it. The visual-heavy video is actually quite unexpectedly psychedelic but fits very well. I highly recommend you give it a watch.

Hostage - Maya Malkin

Maya Malkin evidently has an excellent understanding of how to construct a catchy pop-tune. The song has excellent structure, and I love the dream-pop vibe of the chorus. If you listen closely, the production has a lot of detail that makes this such a fun and dreamy song that glimmers.

Ballroom Blitz - Church on Sunday

I first heard Church on Sunday play this cover at their Lee's Palace show, and it was one of the most memorable performances of the show. I love that they customize the intro to their band members, and set the tone for an upbeat and fun track that'll get you dancing. The cover is spot-on, with a bit of a heavier tone to it. I was also very impressed with the production, which can be tricky when doing covers. Well done!

Watch Your Step - Nickie Minshall

This song reminds me of a Lapsley song, with some beautiful reverb that compliments the track perfectly. The song is light, feminine, emotional, and the vocals are evidently the highlight of the song.

Chering - Luge

I love this track! It's the perfect mix of rock and roll, but also has a dancey vibe to it with a Luge unusual twist. This track was pretty unexpected, but so well executed.

I Can Do What I Want To - Command Sisters

I love the mixture of pop and rock in this new tune, and the rock is really heavy. Pop-rock can be pretty light these days, but the Command Sister's are pushing boundaries and I'm so here for it. Check out the home-made artsy music video.


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