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Born of Osiris and Chelsea Grin at The Opera House

Photos and Review by Nick Power

Following 15 years of being together as a band, and releasing six albums, Born of Osiris is still going strong. Supporting their latest album, The Simulation, Born of Osiris played The Opera House in Toronto on March 10th, 2019 with Chelsea Grin’s support. 

To start things off, Chelsea Grin came out with a bang playing, Playing with Fire, with the entire crowd immediately getting right into it. As soon as they played their first note, the crowd was jumping around, moshing and crowd surfing. That energy didn’t stop for the entire set. Anyone who crowd surfed got greeted by Chelsea Grin’s lead vocalist, Tom Barber with a nice handshake.

This energy kept its pace until the second last song they played, Hostage, which is when the crowd really picked up the pace, with practically the entire crowd rushing to the front screaming the lyrics alongside Tom, which brought big smiles to the band’s faces. Chelsea Grin played an incredible set and is a band that puts an immense amount of energy into their shows, which really helps the crowd a lot more engaged into the set.

Before Born of Osiris took the stage, they warmed up the crowd by playing System of a Down’s, Chop Suey, which everyone on the crowd proceeded to sing along, showing their energy and readiness for Born of Osiris’ to take the stage.

After waiting patiently, and very clearly ready for the headliner to take the stage, Born of Osiris finally started their show off by playing, The Accursed, off of their latest album, with the crowd roaring through it. Born of Osiris came out explosive and clearly very glad to be playing Toronto, with full smiles and an electric energy.

They followed this performance with two older songs, Empires Erased and Divergency, which the crowd seemed more familiar with, which is where the crowd really got surfing.

Throughout their performance you could tell that Born of Osiris is very connected as a group. The members are always within a close proximity of eachother, making faces and laughing with each other, displaying that they love what they are doing and enjoy doing it together. This energy they express to each other is also projected to the crowd with the singer high fiving people that had crowd surfed up and the vocalist, Ronnie Canizaro, being almost always at the front of the stage really close to the crowd.

I think the best point of the set was when they pulled out the song, Bow Down, which is off of their first album, which was remastered last year, The New Reign. This is when the whole crowd was jumping along, singing the words, even the people in the balcony were dancing and singing along to this classic Born of Osiris tune. 

Coming to the end of their set, the crowd was insistent on one more song, which they gave to the crowd by coming back out and playing the song everyone had been waiting to hear, Machine. This was the perfect song to close a set with, with everyone knowing the lyrics, having a giant mosh pit and bodies flying everywhere. This was truly an amazing show. Kudos to Born of Osiris for still bringing this much energy to their set, even after 16 years of doing this.

Born of Osiris

Chelsea Grin

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