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Bodyhorror releases spacey EP 'Between Years'

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Toronto based musician Bodyhorror, aka Sean Panacci, has released a new EP titled 'Between Years.' The galactic three song EP is a dynamic follow up to his previous EP, 'Spring in Toronto.'

While making the EP, Panacci drew inspiration from artists such as Daniel Avery, Peggy Gou., Kraftwerk, Boards of Canada, Automatic Tasty, and plenty of music from Nina Kraviz' trip record label. In addition to a variety of electronic based music, he found influence by cartoons such as Superjail. He set out to create what he thought was the cartoon version of what the music could sound like.

Panacci created this EP fairly quickly, which is unusual for him. It was all written and recorded within two weeks. It was all created and produced by him, along with being mastered by sound engineer, Count.

While making the EP, he aimed for a precise and clean sound, with a touch of a 'live' feel. He recorded the drums live, while the rest was played on synthesizers with almost no samples.


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