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Bob Moses and Phantogram at The Danforth Music Hall

Photographed by: Valentina Caballero

Bob Moses and Phantogram performed a double headlining show at The Danforth Music Hall last Friday.

Bob Moses is an impressive live show. Most would assume, when listening to recordings, that it would be a DJ-style live show however, it is five people doing it all live. Although the mix was ever so slightly off (the drums were too loud), it was still incredibly impressive. They sure know how to hype up a crowd and make smooth transitions.

Then came Phantogram. The moody duo began the show with plenty of fog, as they gazed into eachother's eyes while opening the show with "News Today."

They've come a long way, originally being a duo and now performing so in sync with their full-band. It is truly an entertaining show filled with a variety of light sequences, songs that will make you want to dance, and trippy visuals.

Singer, Sarah Barthel, explained that the past three years have been absolute hell for her. She opened up to the crowd and shared that her sister committed suicide and it hasn't gotten easier for her. She made it known that she encourages those struggling to get help, as we all deserve to be here.


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