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Blue Material | Vinyl Feature Friday

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Happy Vinyl Feature Friday!

I love picking up indie vinyls because they feel like hidden gems to me. There is something just a little bit more special and intimate about them knowing you are supporting smaller, and having a physical piece of that. Additionally, they are great to whip out when having company over, and also even cooler to have if the artist blows up!

Today I'm featuring Blue Material's self titled debut mini album. The lo-fi alternative dance record released in April of 2019 is filled with eight vibey tracks that will take you on a vintage feel trip.

The first track I discovered from Blue Material was "Cosmic Thunder" which is the sixth track on the record. I loved the lo-fi feel of it, vocal range, and consistent keys throughout it which all gave it a hint of funk to the overall dance feel. I fell so in love with the track which led me to the album, and exploring more of his work overall.

Thom Gillies (Blue Material) is from Montreal and received attention on this record after forming his four piece band and releasing the record:

Thom Gillies - piano, bass, guitars, vocals Pat Gregoire - electric guitar Liam O'Neil - drums Mike Bjella - saxaphone Recorded and produced with Pat Gregoire

Following this success, he received attention which lead him to partner with indie label "Nice Guys" on a couple of new single releases which are available on all streaming platforms.


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