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BANKS at Rebel

By: Tressa Mastroianni

Photo Credits: @iwally

It’s been three years since alternative pop artist BANKS, otherwise known as Jillian Rose Banks, has released an album. It has also been two years since she’s been on tour however, BANKS released her third studio album in July 2019 entitled "III" and kicked the III Tour off at REBEL in downtown Toronto. She certainly came back with power and captivation on the commencement of this tour.

BANKS put on a great performance, hitting impressive notes to perfectly executing the choreography. This was a show well-suited to the fan base from the lyrics to the electronic-pop elements, as well as the fitting contemporary-jazz choreography.She certainly tapered her performance to everyone who feels they’ve been mistreated, stepped on and unappreciated. Every note she hit, and every dance move her and the back up dancers made was filled with empowerment and healing. I left this performance wondering ‘Who hurt you’? But also ‘I’m glad they did because…what a great performance’.

BANKS announced during the show that she’s been working on the album and the “movements” for the show for two years. You can certainly see the work she’s been doing in the entirety of the performance as it was perfectly wrapped together. This is an alternative pop performer I can see in larger venues or arenas based on this well-rounded performance.

From time to time during the performance, the lights, choreography and lyrics tended to remind me of Ariana Grande.

I would have liked to hear a few more songs from BANKS’ first two studio albums, though this was the tour for her new album so I can’t be too harsh on that. Although I felt this was a complete performance, I would say that some of BANKS songs can tend to sound redundant and so this might leave one feeling a bit dull and underwhelmed during the performance, as I did at times. For a true BANKS fan who knows all the lyrics and really feels them, I’d say there were no shortcomings.

Lights/Backdrop: 7/10

Stage Presence: 9/10

Captivation: 7/10

Overall Performance: 7.5/10


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