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All Time Low and Gym Class Heroes at HISTORY | Photos

The Sound of Letting Go tour with All Time Low and Gym Class Heroes made its way to the History in Toronto on September 20th and what a night of live music.

After getting stuck on the DVP and sadly missing out on the up and coming Lauran Hibberd, it was time to kick off the night with the Philidelphia boys, Grayscale. They started off the setlist by playing their brand new song “Not Afraid To Die” and finished the set with their classic “Fever Dream,” it was a great start to the show.

Next up it’s a little bit of a throwback with Gym Class Heroes, based out of Geneva, New York. So many classics including “Cupid’s Chokehold” which got everyone singing the iconic “Da Da Da Da!” during the chorus. We followed it up with “Stereo Hearts” and “Billionaire” getting the whole crowd to shine their flashlights in the air and sing along, bringing back the early 2010’s nostalgia. To top it all off, we were treated to a surprise performance of “Ass Back Home” which was not on the original setlist for the tour prior to the show in Toronto.

Finally, it was the boys in All Time Low to close off the night. The boys were well rested after their games of cornhole as seen set up in the parking lot during my walk to the media entrance, and they were ready to hit the stage. The crowd was very excited to see the well-designed stage brought to life with some snippets of the iconic “Mom, It wasn’t a phase, it’s a lifestyle” TikTok trend that blew up in late 2020 and some more fan favourites from All Time Low. The first song of the night was a great choice, “Lost In Stereo” played as a giant cassette player displayed on the screen. The crowd was insane. Great lighting, stage presence and design were impeccable, as we were brought through the discography of All Time Low from every perspective. The night was closed off with some fan picks like “Backseat Serenade,”

“Jasey Rae” and of course to finish off an already impressive performance was none other than “Dear Maria, Count Me In.”

Please see all photos below captured by Josiah Botting.

All Time Low


Gym Class Heroes




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