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Albums You Need To Smoke Your Legal Marijuana To

By: Ryley Chorowiec

Those who smoke the legal ganja understand that you need the perfect soundtrack to accompany your experience. If you have the time to chillax, popping on an album from start to finish with the perfect strain can be an amazing experience. Here are the experiences I recommend:

2001- Dr Dre

Dre’s second studio album is undoubtedly considered to be one of the best hip hop albums of all time. Packed with twenty two tracks and guest appearances from the likes of Eminem, Snoop, and Mary J blige, this record is sure to have you passing around that sticky icky.

Fav tracks- “Still Dre” “The Watcher”

Strain pairing- Sour Diesel

Currents- Tame Impala

One of my personal favourite records of all time, the third studio album by Australian rocker Kevin Parker sees him take a slight departure from his original psychedelic rock sounds, into a pop-dance- oriented direction. With Parker’s exquisite production skills and exemplary songwriting, this album is nearly flawless from start to finish and provides a perfect soundtrack for your day dream state.

Favourite Tracks- “Let it Happen” “Love/Paranoia”

Strain pairing- Blue Dream

Masseduction- St Vincent

Annie Clark’s 5th album as St Vincent sees her return with a hyper sexual alt pop powerhouse in Masseduction. The album solidify’s Annie as one of today’s most influential artist, being hailed by many as “The female Bowie.” This record is surely a sexy one, perfect for that half baked love making session you’re craving.

Fav songs- “Los Ageless” “Masseduction”

Strain Pairing- Girl Scout Cookies

Portishead- Dummy

Beth Gibbon’s vocals throughout Portishead’s debut album are simply impeccable, and lead in the attack of a simply beautiful and blissful comedown soundtrack. With comforting sounds and dark and edgy lyrics, this record, with a little help from whats left in your stash, takes your mind on a deep excursion into the parts of your brain you may not want to enter in the first place. Not for the faint of heart.

Fav Songs- “Roads” “Sour Times”

Strain Pairing- White Widow

Funkadelic- Maggot Brain

This is a record that truly speaks for itself. Kicking off with a near ten minute soul churning guitar solo, this album quickly reveals it cannot be contained to the genre of funk. The album is truly a masterpiece stretching across several genres, and a one of a kind soul warming experience. George Clinton leads the group in creation of one of the most memorable records of all time.

Fav Songs- “Maggot Brain” “Hit it and Quit it’

Strain Pairing- Super Silver Haze

Trans Europe Express- Kraftwerk

The 1977 release by German electronic group Kraftwerk made their presence known in the experimental pop world. Considered to be one of the most influential and revolutionary pop groups of all time, Kraftwerk certainly did not disappoint with their release of “Trans Europe Express.” The band takes listeners on a darkly atmospheric adventure, with the album based upon and simulating a runaway continental train. With its dark atmospheric tones and concise production, this is probably the best pop record of the 1970’s.

Fav songs- “Show Room Dummies” “Europe Endless”

Strain pairing-Golden Goat

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- The Flaming Lips

Wayne Coyne truly outdoes himself with this record. A follow up to the band’s prior heavy hitting release “The soft Bulletin,” Yoshimi battles the pink robots is A beautifully done concept album. The record shows Coyne and the rest of the flaming lips,(Who are no strangers to story telling) engage in a heroic tale of a karate fighter named Yoshimi, and her quarrel with the pink robots.

The album constantly ponders questions regarding love and life itself, and truly has endless depth when it comes to your stoned soul searching.

Favourite songs- “Fight test” “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots part 1”

Strain pairing- Space Queen

Darkside of the Moon-Pink Floyd

A record which needs little explanation. The ninth album by one of the best avant garde rock bands of all time, has few weak spots. There’s a reason your dad still likes this album- It’s because he used to trip acid to it. Do yourself a favour- smoke up, and ask your dad about this one.

Fav tracks “Time” “Great Gig in the Sky”

Strain Pairing:Northern Lights

10,000 days- Tool

Tools 4th album, “10 000 Days” sees the quartet continue to be one of the most innovative metal bands of all time. The band, led by Maynard’s chilling operatic style vocals simply do not let up with this 2006 release. Danny Carey’s impeccable percussion skills, Adam Jones near god-like guitar playing, and David chancellor’s flawless bass grooves result in a truly mesmerizing instrumental soundtrack. The record, complete with a sitar and a 9 minute track describing an alien abduction, can be quite overwhelming depending how many cookies you’ve eaten.

Fav Track -“Rosetta Stoned” “Jambi”

Strain Pairing: God’s Green Crack

Cardi B -Invasion of Privacy

Last, but certainly not least.

The debut album by the queen of 2018 has solidified her status as the baddest woman in the game, and gained her a few grammies along with it. Cardi’s “Invasion of Privacy” Spits the truths regarding her tough rise to fame, while still gloating about her social status, which no other female rapper can seem to catch up to. With some serious east coast style beats, and Cardi speaking whatever comes to her mind, this is truly one of the most savage records of the year- and one I'm currently rolling up a blunt to. Fav Tracks- “10 Bad” “Bodak Yellow”

Strain Pairing- Purple Kush

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