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A life chat with Brad Stank

Who is Brad Stank? This interview certainly reveals some of the answers, but he is also a jazzy-psychedelic-indie artist. I would say comparable to Mac Demarco, with a bit more of a Jazz element. I was impressed after discovering the Liverpool based artist on Spotify, so I felt like we should have a chat. Here's how it went:

Do you have any New Years Resolutions? If so, what are they and why?

I told myself I would be on my health more this year, but so far all that's resulted in is that I'm poaching eggs instead of frying them haha

What is your daily routine like?

The first thing I do every day is drink a coffee and smoke a ciggy at my back door, maybe a bit of radio, get the news in for the day, do the dishes from last night, breakfast, then dive straight into my daily sexistential crisis, make some music, play some chess, etc.

What is your favourite song to smoke weed to right now?

Still obsessed with the Earl album; tried to get it on vinyl but the shipping to England was like $70 or something. But yeah, that whole album.

Tell me your craziest life experience in 2018.

The EP release show at the Sebright Arms in London was pretty crazy; people actually came out and made it a really special night.

Who is influencing you most musically right now?

I'm always listening to a lot of different stuff and taking influence from everywhere, all sorts of genres and stuff, so I can't really say one band or artist, but I guess mainly 70s stuff; disco and soul and all that

Thoughts on MTV?

I don't think I've had any thoughts on MTV for the past like 8 years! I used to watch the TV channel as a kid which I enjoyed, Cribs etc, but I have no idea what MTV is saying nowadays.


Cats or Dogs? Why?

Always been more of a dog guy, they're just way better aren't they? Anybody who says cats is lying to themselves.

Explain "Pond Weed."

That song is a bit of a weed diss track really; I spent way too much time smoking weed in my late teens/early twenties to the point where it was just ruining my brain- took a year off smoking and it was great, I highly recommend Not Smoking Weed Every Day for sure. 

Stay tuned for some new music, and keep an eye on Mr.Stank on Spotify, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.


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