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A Kamu Candle For Every Mood

By: Gemma Mastroianni

I grew up with candles burning all the time, so naturally have been inclined to do the same. I find that there is something special about setting a vibe with candles by adding a scent to whatever mood we may be feeling, complementary to our environment. Scent can be tied to memories, places, people, and even songs depending on when and where you are burning the candle.

A few years ago I discovered how great Soy candles were. I never thought to purchase them for a long time as they were higher in price however, one day I bit the bullet and bought one from Saje because well, treat yourself? I very soon realized the hype. They smell more natural and last waaaaaay longer. It only made sense to keep buying soy candles as I did not need to purchase them as often as I typically would need to. With that said, I still buy normal candles here and there too!

More recently I discovered Kamu, a small woman owned business based out of British Columbia. Founded in 2020 by Jennifer Grace and Levania Zefanya, they have grown quickly to be reputable for being a clean and sustainable online candle shop. These ladies make candles to empower, inspire, and care for each individual, and strive to have their candles be part of those moments in life where we allow ourselves to take a pause and focus on self-care.

On top of it being a Canadian female-led small business, their products are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. All candle ingredients are ethically sourced and crafted with 100% natural soy wax, with phthalate-free fragrance oils, lead-free cotton wicks, and recyclable glass jars and containers.

With six different scents available (and more to come), there is a Kamu candle for just about every mood. Below you can see a few different ones that I own, that help set a certain mood accompanied by music:

Calm - Kirana

Neroli, Lavendar, Green Tea, Rosemary

When the weather allows it, the first place I'll be bringing this candle is the beach. This candle reminds me of being in the ocean and staring up at the sky, followed by watching the sunset. Although I haven't been able to hit the beach all winter long, it's reminded me of my memories there with my loved ones.

Next time you hit the beach, bring Kirana with you- she will be your best bud.

Album Recommendation: Beach Music - Alex G

Blissful - Terindah

Bergamot, berries.

What's better than a bright and blissful Spring morning? Not many things, especially when you have Terindah burning.

Wake up and start your day with Terindah. Go for a quick walk then come home and light your candle. Pour yourself a fresh glass of water with fresh lemon, followed up a cup of matcha or coffee. Have some fresh fruit, play some music, and be prepared to start your best day yet.

Album Recommendation: Anak Ko - Jay Som

Reflective - Kenangan

Sandalwood, Cinnamon, and Vanilla- perfection basically.

This warm scent is perfect for settling in after a long day on the couch and manifesting calm. Light up your candle and pour yourself a nice glass of chamomile tea, or whatever drink relaxes you in the evening. Put on a face mask and indulge in self-care. Call a friend, or perhaps reflect and write down your thoughts from the day.

Kenangan, meaning a collection of timeless treasure, is the ideal name for our earthy, sweet, rustic candle that will bring back those beautiful childhood memories.

Album Recommendation: Midnight Snack by Homeshake

Visit to purchase your candles today, and receive 20% off with the code GEMMAxKAMU20.

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