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21 Ways to Make 2021 a Better Year

By: Gemma Mastroianni

We are just about one month into 2021 and the skies aren't looking too clear right now but, it is important to realize that we have control over how we live our daily lives. Michelle Treacy joined me for a discussion on 21 different ways to make 2021 a better year, and we think you will find it so helpful.

Michelle Treacy is a singer and songwriter based in Toronto,ON. She began her journey of success in music by taking the stage with Lady Gaga in Montreal at the Bell Centre. Since then, she has put out an EP, some hit singles, and even won CTV's The Launch.

We talk about a variety of topics related to music and lifestyle such as skincare, daily life, music, organization, different art forms, and so much more. I felt really inspired to make this year a better one with the control that I do have, and I hope you do too!

Follow Michelle Treacy on Instagram, and check out her latest music video.


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